Turn Your Calendar into Memory Machine

Reprime adds interesting things in your calendar so that you don't have to struggle remembering them.

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Thousands of things to remember

Thousands of things to remember

Our busy and connected lives require us to remember thousands of little things that matter; but occupy our minds.

Thousands of schedules

77000+ interesting schedules

We maintain thousands of interesting schedules that helps you remember the dates you don't want to miss.

No app to download

No app to download

Reprime adds the reminders in the calendar app you already use. There's no app to download or install.

Frees your mind

Frees your mind

When you don't have to keep hundreds of little things in your mind, you can make amazing things happen.

There is nothing more powerful and nothing more dangerously beautiful than a free mind.

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

I used to miss out on a lot of good events happening nearby and used to get know of them only when they were over. I am now a regular at some and have made really good network.

Sean Harris Sean Harris — Startup Enthusiast

I have always wanted to travel but couldn't ever find time. Reprime suggested long weekends and good places to visit then. I try to brag by calling myself a nomad now.

Raymond Raymond — College Student

I've got memory of a gold fish. I cannot function without a calendar. Reprime made the app even more useful by taking care of little things that I was always lazy to put in.

Benjamin Benjamin Pierce — Father of little twins

52000+ people use it to keep their minds free!

No App. Nothing to Download. Nothing to Install.

You already have the Calendar. We make it useful.